Chimney Cleaning | Why it is Important to get your Chimney Cleaned

Making sure your chimney is cleaned often enough is an extremely important part of owning a functional chimney. This article will inform you of why you need to hire chimney cleaning services.

Why is Chimney Cleaning Important?


The number one reason that getting your chimney swept is important is safety. When a chimney is not cleaned the flue can get clogged up with soot and harsh chemicals that stick to the sides. This greatly increases the risk of chimney fire if not removed.

Chimney fires can be lethal as the flames can seep under the floorboards of your house, causing unimaginable damage.

Prevention of Ash and Smoke Entering Your Home

A blocked chimney can cause ash and smoke to not be able to escape through the top of the chimney, so naturally, it comes back out the only way it can and enters your home. Getting your chimney cleaned will help ensure there are no blockages and that your home is ash and smoke-free.

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How Often Does Your Chimney Need Cleaning?

How often your chimney needs swept is dependent on the type of fire or stove.

  • Smokeless Fuel: at least once a year
  • Wood Burning & Coal: quarterly when in use
  • Oil Stoves & Gas Stoves: once a year

Not only will your chimney get cleaned but it will also get inspected to ensure that no damage has occurred between chimney sweep visits.

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How Can I Keep My Chimney Cleaner for Longer?

Burn Only Seasoned Wood

Seasonal wood that has been allowed to rest and dry out has not as much moisture and impurities in it, which will keep your chimney cleaner.

Start with a Hot Fire

When you first start your fire the air inside of the flue will be cold, the best way to stop this is to start and build up the fire quickly. Just be careful and not go overboard as that is also dangerous!

Have Your Chimney Properly Lined

When a chimney is lined it helps provide a smooth surface that creosote struggles to stick to. The lining will also help insulate your chimney which will keep smoke moving rapidly outside.

Invest in Chimney Cleaning Logs

Chimney cleaning logs aren’t cheap, but they could potentially save you a bit of money in the long run if you don’t have to pay for a chimney sweep as often. When these logs burn they break down the creosote inside of the chimney. These particles then fall into your fireplace – which is not harmful to you or home – simply remove them when you’re cleaning the fireplace.

How to Find a Reliable Chimney Sweep

It is important to hire a trained professional to sweep your chimney, as only a professional can do the job to the high standard you’d not only expect but need when it comes to chimney cleaning. If you’re struggling to find someone who you know is reliable try The Stove and Fireplace Builder. Nothing can compare to the experience and passion they have for everything stove and fire related. Give them a call today for a free quote.