How to pack efficiently | Advice on how to use cardboard boxes for packing effectively

At some point in our lives we will have to move house. This is a daunting task for many people. Especially for those who have lived in their current home for several years and have accumulated a lot of stuff. Packing may seem straight forward however many people fail to follow these simple rules which will make your packing experience a great deal less painful. This guide will advise on how to pack efficiently. This includes how to split your time well. Plus it will touch on how to use cardboard boxes for packing effectively.

When to start packing?

A soon as you have your date for moving you should start the packing process. If the date is several months away you should still start packing immediately. You will be surprised how tedious the process of packing will become and how much time it will take up. By starting early you can do little bits at a time. Hopefully by doing so you can avoid having to rush everything in the last week of packing. Also, starting early means you can figure out how many cardboard boxes for packing you will require.

Where do I start with packing?

Start with the room you use the least. If you have a spare room or sitting room that rarely gets used then you should start here. You don’t want to pack items that you will need to use in the next few weeks or months. Make a list of your rooms in order of utilisation. Work from the least used to the most. When you get close to your moving day it should be your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen that are left. Make a start on the kitchen by packing bigger items that aren’t used as often first. You many need to invest in more cardboard boxes for packing heavy kitchen appliances. Take measurements of the bigger items to ensure you get the right fit. The same goes for your bedroom. You can pack away your off season clothes as you know you won’t need them before you move house.

Buy cardboard boxes for packing

It is a mistake to think you won’t need to buy proper packing boxes. You need boxes that are durable and reliable. You can purchase all your packing essentials from Big Brown Box. This company sell cardboard boxes for packing, bubble wrap, tape and all your other packing essentials. There are house moving kits you can purchase which gives you a selection of boxes. If you are already very close to your moving date and you haven’t started, do not panic. Big Brown Box do next day delivery. They provide advice on how to pack professionally also if you need some more advice.

How to use cardboard boxes for packing effectively

When packing heavy items, such as books and ornaments keep in mind you have to lift carry these boxes. Don’t over pack. Try to put some heavy items alongside some lighter items. To make full use of the cardboard boxes for packing you can put towels beneath and on top of ornaments. Also you need to label everything. If you have got a few mixed boxes don’t just label the room but list what it inside. This will this make unpacking in your new home a lot easier. It will also make it easy to check (mid-packing) if something has already been packed away. You don’t want to have to open up every single box to try and find something if you aren’t 100% sure where it is or if you packed it at all.