Not all people are capable of doing business as graphic designers. However, it is possible for the creative people who can master skills through doing their own designs, it involves both promotion and talent to be able to earn some living through designing. With some effort on the expansion of one’s skills set for some increased marketability in the larger market, you are able to make profits through accepting projects or selling the designs. The following lifestyle tips will prepare you in achieving some additional income when you put your graphic skills at work.


Selling of digital files online

Among the various ways of gaining fame is through starting the selling of digital files. If you are able to create files, fonts or textures, you are then capable of selling such digital files online. Some few ways of selling images include: joining a marketplace where such companies promote your files on your behalf. Secondly, you can also run your site, enhance then sell your files for a profit of 100%. Companies and individuals will then be able to buy the rights for using the image then you make some passive income for years after designing the image.

Take projects as a freelancer

Among the worse parts of about being a freelancer is getting clients. Most clients require a designer for the creation of a logo, art or an ad for their website page. Among the best methods of acquiring regular work through promoting design, portfolio is through signing up for freelance websites where you are able to display your talents then get matched to clients right for you. On best freelance webs, you are able to set your rates, request past client reviews and add your past designs. Some of the common freelancing websites include microlancer, oDesk glance, peoplperhour, 48hourslogo, and freelancer.

Acquire a degree 

You are able to make money on the side as a designer, though you too can earn through being hired as a designer by a corporation or a design firm. Most employers hire designers to date in-house search for people with large degrees or portfolio. Without good designing experience at a professional level, completing formal degree programs may be helpful in getting your foot in the door. Through taking some graphic design program, you are able to learn more about the various types of software you will be required to work with and the design principles. It is important that you are realistic by nature, though for you to succeed you require more than a mere creative mind. Get enrolled in an undergraduate program or a certificate program, then you are able to apply for some in-house design jobs.



The first stage in earning through graphic design is through building a portfolio. This resembles a resume for the designers to display their skills. Anytime you work on a project which makes you proud of, it adds an example from such project to the portfolio. With appropriate marketing skills and training, you are then able to earn some extra cash while still doing what you enjoy most.