Top Tips For Manchester Moving Supplies

Manchester, the birthplace of computers, railways, football leagues, Factory Records and Vimto! Why wouldn’t you want to move to Manchester? London is not for everyone and if you’re looking to relocate to a major UK city then Manchester is the place to be.

Our city energetic, innovative and creative and once you make the move to Manchester you will not look back. Before you move out will need to prepare packing boxes in Manchester, find a moving company, a flat and a storage space for all of your goods. All of these things should be fairly easy to find online and whether you are moving from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Cardboard box supplier, Big Brown Box, specialise in moving boxes and moving house boxes.

Moving House Boxes

Of course, you know that you will need moving house boxes for moving to Manchester. There are things you should remember when you are buying boxes for moving house. They should be quality at the best price.

There are many reasons why you should buy boxes for moving house from a packaging supplier. Their packing boxes are often better quality and it saves you time and effort looking for a cheap deal as they will often give you a bulk discount.

Do not be tempted to buy cheap, flimsy boxes that will not last. If you have been offered second-hand boxes, you should decline, do not risk the safety of your goods for a bargain. Find an option that is somewhere in the middle.

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Big Brown Box

Here’s a starting point. Big Brown Box is one of the biggest packaging suppliers in the UK. They have all of the moving supplies you could desire and they have a variation of packing boxes for their customers to choose from. You will need a selection of boxes for moving:

  • Small packing boxes
  • Large packing boxes
  • TV packing boxes
  • Mirror packing boxes
  • Archive boxes
  • Light and heavy duty packing boxes

That’s a lot of boxes! You will get the majority of these boxes in a quality moving kit. Big Brown Box offers a tracking service as they are completely transparent with their customers and keep you involved every step of the way, so that when you order your moving kit, you will see the process of your order.

You can now buy cardboard boxes that can be sent to you in less than 24 hours. Big Brown Box understand that their customers from Manchester work fast and they can send boxes by the next working day.

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Manchester Boxes Tip

There is no such thing as too many boxes. Boxes are there to protect your goods. Make sure you buy enough moving boxes, packing with enough time spare in case you need to buy more cardboard boxes.

You will also need filler, you can use bubble wrap or loose fill chips.  Big Brown Box suggest that the box remains “square” when you are packing it, it should not bulge at the top or sides.