Respected Rules of Rolex Repair

Finding the best repair service for your treasured timepiece

If you are lucky enough to own a Rolex watch, whether it is a beloved heirloom or a gift from someone special, it is likely that your Rolex is a prized possession. It is also probable therefore that you would like to keep your Rolex as good as new for as long as possible. In turn at some point you will probably require Rolex repair services. Due to the functionality of a wrist watch, it remains exposed throughout the day so bumps and scrapes are sometimes unavoidable. Then there’s the inevitability of the general wearing down process over time. Regardless the reason you should be investing in first class Rolex repair services to assure top quality results. Repairs By Post offer a premium service for premium brands including Rolex repair.

Why use Repairs by Post for your Rolex Repair?

When asked to define their brand Rolex state “There is no word for what we do”. Likewise there is no competition when it comes to professional Rolex repair. Repairs By Post are accredited by the official Rolex Repair Company and will use none other than original Rolex parts. They pride themselves in the implementation of Rolex practice which includes passion and expertise in horology as well as attention to detail. Furthermore the innovative concept of sending your watch by post will save you the time and hassle of having to physically drop off and collect your watch. Therefore by choosing Repairs By Post you are investing in time, literally and figuratively.

Rolex Repair Options

Unfortunately, there are many damages from which your watch could suffer. Thankfully Repairs By Post offer an extensive range of Rolex repair options including:

Battery and reseal Bracelet replacement
Crown and stem replacement Dial restoration
Digit affix Hand replacement
Mechanical Service Quartz Service
Replacement clasp Spring bars
Watch Glass Replacement Watch Strap Replacement

So whatever the issue your watch repairer will have you covered! They are UK company based in Manchester but offer their premium Rolex repair service worldwide.

What to Expect from your Rolex Repair

After you have completed your contact form detailing the issue and expectations for your Rolex repair, they will send you a special address label which insures up to a standard amount. If your beloved timepiece has a higher monetary value than the company will send you a specialised postage pack to increase security and insurance.

How long will your Rolex Repair take?

The prestigious Rolex repair service aims to return your timepiece to you fully mended within 12 weeks however if for whatever reason it takes longer the company will contact you with plenty of notice. Reasons for longer Rolex repair time may be to order specialised parts. The expert horologist will examine every aspect of your watch, carry out any repairs required as well as specialist cleaning. They will also conduct methodical tests to ensure pristine condition of your timepiece has been restored.