Settle in To City Life

Lifestyle of the city can be very interesting and at the same time challenging. In general, the culture of an urban life is very different from the suburb or the upcountry one because it has all different races of people coming together. This means that one has to cope with the changes of life. Because of this reason, there are some things that one needs to observe in order to successfully survive in the city. Some of them are:

You need to find comfort in a small space

If it is your first time in the city, don’t have that notion that you will be able to get a house that is spacious and with a parking just for you. The truth of the matter is that most people live in apartments that are old and with less space. To make matters worse, their prices are very high. Owning many things will be a blunder. And if you already have a lot of them, take the majority to your home and remain with the essential ones that will enable you survive.

Let public transport be your number one option

While everyone dreams of buying a car, the city will surely discourage you into getting one for yourself. The fact is that the city cannot be car-friendly at all costs. If you own one, probably you will think of selling it o parking it at some garage somewhere.

The reason as to why having a car will never be the best idea is that there always is a traffic jam all over the city that will make you run nuts. Consider making public transport your friend because it will ease the commuting life for you.

High cost of life

As a matter of fact, the city life is expensive. For instance, you cannot compare the suburb life with the city one in any way. First time city goers normally get shocked with the cost of living, including food prices. To survive, never make any careless spending of money as you will definitely need it to stretch you all the way until the month ends when you can get some salary to keep you going.

Remember having cash in the pocket is vital

If you are one that never likes to carry some money with you, then you really need to rethink the situation. As error is to human, you might find that you forgot your metro card to transport you, and the only option is paying a cab to take you home or to office.

The early bird catches the worm

To survive in the city, you must be a well planned person. Forget getting out late thinking that you’ll get to your destination in or on time. Remember that the transport system is not guaranteed and the traffic is also against the odds. Start earlier; maybe 30 minutes before, so that you may be able to reach the destination in time.

Make friends

No man is an island. This means that for you to learn the tricks of surviving like places where prices are favorable, , shortcuts to reaching a destinations and many more. Its friends who will always teach you the ins and outs of the city that you will be dwelling for the better part of your life!