Social Media And Anti- Social Behaviour

Social media has long been a buzzword for a mass of different social media sites as well as applications and platforms that allow users to communicate with anyone in the world as well as organise events with friends and share photos and updates online. One of the main drivers of social media use has been the younger generation. Overwhelmingly social media has helped to connect people from all over the world as well as allow us to communicate faster and more efficiently at very little to no cost thanks to the vast majority of social media services being free. However as well as improved communication there has also been a noticeable rise in antisocial behaviour as well as crime that has been partly glorified through social media channels.

Why Is Social Media So Popular?

Social media is becoming increasingly popular as the years g by for a number of different reasons. One of the main drivers of social media being so popular is advertisements. Its hard not to go online and find some form of advertising linking back to some of the main social media giants. This is just one way i n which they entice users. Another reason why social media is so popular is ease of use and accessibility. Most forms of social media are very easy to use and are accessible from desktop computers as well as mobile devices.¬† In addition to this most social media sites are free to use and rely on advertising revenue in order to make a profit. Facebook is probably the most well known platform for doing this and has been involved in some controversies surrounding the use of people’s data and how it is handled. Overall it is apparent that social media is the most popular form of communication for the younger generation thanks to its ease of use as well as overwhelmingly popularity and very little cost.

Is There A Link Between Anti-Social Behaviour And Social Media?

As well  as providing a communication platform social media sites have also led to a lot of issues amongst youth. One of the biggest issues is crime. In previous generations crime was typically carried out by gangs over different generations and nothing much changed. However as social media began to grow , so too did the number of youths particularly in London trying their hand at crime. Sites such as Instagram and Facebook quickly became a platform to boast about robberies and fights. This has quickly become mainstream with some criminals gaining thousands of followers. Overall it can be argued that there is a link between anti social behaviour and social media. This is because there are growing networks of criminals who continue to break the law in order to build up a social media presence, often with followers egging them on. In order to solve this there are a variety of different things that can be done. One of the main things that the social media platforms can do is delete or ban accounts that consistently encourage people to copy their behaviour or glorify criminality.