Types Of Industrial Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry includes companies that manufacture cars and other vehicles, as well as design and manufacture spare parts for them. The construction industry includes companies that build houses, malls, and bridges, among others. The service industries include companies that provide consulting services, health care, and franchises. These industries provide employment to a large portion of the population.


Unlike manufacturing, the service industries do not involve production of products. The technology and research and development industries, for example, are examples of the service industries. These industries use specialized technologies and knowledge to provide services. In addition, service industries can be classified into several different categories based on the nature of the service they provide.


The light industry is the process of producing small or medium-sized goods. It generally has labour-intensive production processes, but requires relatively lower levels of capital and power. Products produced in the light industry are low in value and have less of an impact on the environment. Nevertheless, the light industry does have some significant contributions to the economy.


The tertiary industry is the service industry that provides services to the primary and secondary industries. These industries provide services such as transportation, healthcare, and banking, among others. They may also use high-tech industries to produce their goods.