Ways to Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is how consumers identify and remember your company. The higher the brand recognition you possess, the more clients will become familiar with your brand, logo, and products associated with it. This broad definition is quite broad, however, and there are many sub-categories of brand awareness that must be understood in order for one’s marketing efforts to be more effective. For example, “exposure” refers to the ways in which the general public is exposed to your company and products, while “relevancy” refers to how your products and/or services are presented in a similar situation.

For example, let’s say you own a company selling sports apparel. Your brand-awareness ads could emphasize the positive benefits inherent in using your products in this situation (i.e., an increase in athletic performance). However, if you want to build brand awareness in the context of an ad agency, the focus should be on how using your product in this circumstance will help the customer in real life (for example, a shorter training period or fewer injuries). In this way, the ads are more relevant to the target audience – i.e., the sports apparel buyer – and therefore more likely to yield results. However, it would be futile to market directly to an off-the-shelf sporting equipment fan in this case because their lives are so busy that they would not be able to read a brief advertisement on a napkin.

One of the most important things to realize in terms of how to build brand awareness is that knowing the target market is important but knowing which target market you should focus on is even more crucial. For example, an ice cream store in Manhattan Beach, CA would be a poor choice for a manufacturer looking to increase brand awareness in Seattle because it will not be able to break into this niche. By contrast, a manufacturer located in Miami, FL would be an obvious choice because Miami is a very large city with a wide variety of consumers. Thus, knowing which area you wish to advertise in order to reach the right consumer is essential. Otherwise, you risk wasting the limited marketing resources you have available.

Another way to improve your ability to build brand awareness and make more money off of your sales effort involves using native advertising. Native advertising is when an advertisement is created specifically for the product you wish to promote. This way, you do not have to pay an outside company to write the ads. In effect, native advertising increases brand awareness, increases the flow of traffic to your website, and increases the revenue that you can earn on your business venture.

A third way to improve your ability to build brand awareness in an increasingly competitive market is to find methods of targeting audiences that are already aware of your products or services. There are a number of online research companies that can help you target certain demographics or sub-segments of the population based on their shopping habits or interests. This can help you reach targeted audiences without spending a lot of money in advertising. In fact, the most effective marketing campaigns often utilize less expensive advertising methods in order to reach as many potential consumers as possible. While there are some disadvantages to this strategy, such as having to wait for results, it may be the most efficient method of marketing in today’s climate.

Brand recognition is important to both small business owners and consumers. The more knowledge you have about your products and services, the greater the likelihood that your customers will recognize them. By being familiar with what makes a good marketing campaign and knowing where your company stands in comparison with its competitors, you stand a better chance of achieving brand recognition success. With awareness, you stand a better chance of getting a new customer or increasing the interest of a current customer who wants to do business with you.