Atlas Copco Air Compressor: A Guide

Atlas Copco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air compressor equipment. Its Compressor Technique business area develops, manufactures, markets and services oil-free and oil-injected stationary and portable air compressors, gas and process compressors, turbo expanders, electric power generators and air treatment equipment.

When choosing an air compressor, it’s important to look for a brand that offers the highest level of support – something that’s more crucial with larger models. Atlas Copco compressors can offer you:

Energy Efficiency

Air compressors use a significant amount of energy, making them one of the biggest energy consumers in an industrial setting. By reducing these costs, energy-efficient air compressors help to lower production costs and reduce environmental impact.

Atlas Copco compressors are designed with efficiency in mind. They can save up to 35% more energy compared to fixed-speed compressors and offer an integrated dryer saving cycle that saves up to 60% of electrical consumption.


Reliability is the key to ensuring your air compressor will be able to deliver a consistent supply of high-quality compressed air. Without it, your operations will suffer.

A compressor that is reliable can be a lifesaver during production downtime and expensive repairs. That is why it is important to choose a compressor that has been designed and engineered to integrate seamlessly into your facility and support your production needs

Environment Friendly

The air compressor is an essential part of many different industrial processes. From manufacturing and auto repair to laser cutting and robotic arms, companies use compressed air to power tools that once required hand work.

Choosing more eco-friendly air compressors can make your business leave a much smaller carbon footprint than it would otherwise. This is because many of these machines have a high energy efficiency and low CO2 emissions.

A green air compressor can also help you reduce the amount of oil that you use in your system. Using less oil can mean fewer filters that will need to be changed, which can save you money over time and decrease the amount of waste in your compressed air system.


Whether you’re running a production line or simply need a steady stream of air, an atlas copco air compressor will provide the performance you need. These machines offer the right mix of energy efficiency, reliability and a low total cost of ownership over their lifespans, thanks to constantly improving designs and unmatched variable speed drive motors.

For instance, Atlas Copco’s GA 75-110 VSD+ rotary screw air compressor is designed in-house with a variable speed drive system that offers up to 50% less energy consumption on average. It also boasts a compact design and a more efficient motor than competitors.