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SEO Manchester Tips For Bloggers

So you’re trying to optimise your blog? You’re on the right track. Before anything, your blog post just has to be a good piece of writing, but it is important that you optimise it so that your users can find it. Find out more today from an SEO Manchester expert, Smarter Digital Marketing.

Relevant Content

Google Likes relevant content, therefore, you should think before you put your fingers to the keyboard. Make sure that you tell your readers or which central question do you want to ask? Try not to drift off from the topic and think of the purpose of the text.

Every paragraph should have a main idea or the main subject. Ask yourself what the main idea of each paragraph is.

SEO Manchester company, Smarter Digital Marketing say that “Maintaining a good website is all down to the creation of high-quality, relevant, and unique content that attracts natural links”. Make sure that you update your blog regularly. If it’s not an active website, Google will crawl it less often. This might affect your rankings negatively.

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Use headings

Have you done some keyword research? If so make the most of it by optimising your headings structure. You may not know this but headings are important for readability and SEO. You  want to make Google like you and Headings help Google to grasp the main topics of a long post and therefore can help in your ranking. Make sure you use your keywords in some subheadings. Not in each and every one of them though, as it will make the text unreadable.

Blog Size

Always make sure your articles have a minimum of 300 words. Google likes content (we said it again) and long articles that have lots of useful information for its readers. Remember if your article is too long you may begin to drift from the point, try to stop at around 700 words. Yoast suggests that you put keywords in “1 to 2 percent of your text. So in an article of 300 words, you should mention your search terms 3 to 6 times”.

Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast is an excellent tool that digital marketing agencies use. The content analysis tool Yoast is an SEO plugin that helps bloggers and digital marketers to write SEO-friendly blog posts. The best thing you can do it to start by choosing your focus keyword.

Say you were writing about “make up tips” the plugin checks your post to see whether you use the keyword in the right places, and it measures many other aspects of the text.

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Online Marketing Agency Manchester

If you are unfamiliar with how digital marketing in Manchester works, then you should seek advice from a Manchester SEO expert. If you are a blogger or a business owner they will help you to understand the technical side of online marketing. You can also ask a Manchester SEO team to take control of your online marketing strategy by completing an audit. They will use the audit to freshen things up and highlight any areas that require improvement.